Icicles by Pipedream no 29



Solid borosilicate glass dildo

8in/20cm long, 3.5in/9cm circumference (4.5in/11.5cm at widest point), 275g weight

Clean with soap and water, toy cleaner, etc; sterilise in boiling water or 10% bleach solution

Compatible with all lubricant types

Price point: £35 approx

Tl;dr: very much enjoy the subtle texture and g-spotting head, but a massive pain to clean.


This is a very, very pretty toy. The first time I got it out of its packaging I spent ten minutes just twisting it and admiring the pattern. The spiral ridges running down the toy create an optical illusion when you twist it, as if the surface is moving. I’ve tried to capture the ridges in the picture below, though my photography skills are not really up to the challenge. I would probably use it as an ornament if I didn’t want to fuck myself with it. The packaging is robust, but there’s no storage bag included, and as it is glass you will want to make sure it’s stored appropriately to prevent chipping. (Borosilicate glass is fairly tough and I’ve managed to drop mine a few times with no visible damage – most notably when I optimistically tried to use it in a strap on harness – but it is still worth taking care.)


The Icicles line is made by Pipedream, one of the big players in the sex toy industry. Pipedream are not a body safe company and make a lot of cheap-ass, porous jelly rabbits and rubber vaginas, but they appear to be having something of a material renaissance with their Icicles (glass), Ceramix (ceramic) and Pure Aluminium (shockingly enough, aluminium) toy lines. All of these are body safe materials that create rigid, high quality toys in the right hands.

Pipedream certainly have competent hands. I was in love the first time I inserted this toy. The pronounced head hit my G-spot perfectly and the texture was subtle but definitely there. I rubbed my clit, thrusted hard and came within minutes – it was a good, strong orgasm. The texture on this toy is present and enjoyable, but low-key enough to not distract from the G-spotting head. It’s fairly long and I don’t tend to insert the whole thing, leaving me with a bit of handle to thrust with – much appreciated. As it’s glass, it’s cool when inserted but warms to body temperature fast, and doesn’t need too much lube.

One thing I do notice about this toy is that it tends to twist inside me. Maybe I just have slippery hands, I don’t know, but I will become aware of less G-spot pressure and then start to fiddle with the toy, twisting it round, trying to find the right angle. Twisting it is not enjoyable because the curve means my vagina gets poked obnoxiously by the head, but the curve is also too shallow for me to easily work out which way round the toy needs to be for optimum pleasure, so my toy realigning technique is to gently thrust while rotating the toy until it feels like it should. For anyone wondering, I do not consider this a fun game when I’m trying to get off. A teardrop shaped base to let me easily feel the toy’s orientation would be extremely useful.

Also. I have to say. Cleaning this toy is NOT easy. That texture I said I enjoyed? Yeah, that. Bitch to clean. Even with vigorous scrubbing with a toothbrush, it is still really difficult to get rid of the lube and vagina gunk that inevitably gets stuck in the ridges. I will often find residue even after I think it’s clean. Irritating.

Both of these, however, are minor quibbles when you consider how much I love using this toy. For at least a week after I received it, it was the only dildo I used, and it still comes out of my toy drawer a reasonable amount, despite having acquired many more new and shiny things since then. The price point is decent, and it has all the benefits of glass: sterilisable (so shareable between partners), good for temperature play, minimal lube requirements. It’s not for texture sluts, but if you’ve been craving a bit of texture while you play with your G-spot, then it could be for you.


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