My Masturbatory Style

Seeing as masturbation is going to feature heavily on this blog, I think it’ll be useful if I share a bit about my masturbatory style. Until extremely recently I could not come from anything other than my fingers on my clit. In the last few weeks, literally since September 2014, I’ve discovered that I can come from certain very specific types of vibrators. I look forward to talking about my experiments in that area on this blog.

I’m quite sensitive and get overstimulated easily, so power is not something I really look for in sex toys. Mild to moderate vibrations suit me better. I’m not a size queen and need a warm up in order to cope larger toys; even then I might still struggle. I enjoy texture, lots of it, and intense G-spot stimulation, and while I’m not crazy into temperature play, I do enjoy a cool toy warming to my body temperature.

I almost always use water based lubricant when I masturbate, and don’t always watch porn, but when I do it is invariably the Crash Pad Series – I have a subscription. My preferred masturbation style is on my back in my bed.

I’m interested in putting things in my butt but haven’t got round to experimenting with it as of yet.


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