Iroha by Tenga Yuki



Non-insertable elastomer vibrator with a silicone skin

Weight: 90g

Rechargeable through USB or mains power

Noise test: when left on top of covers at highest setting, could not be heard through a closed door

Splash proof, but not waterproof – can be run under a tap to clean but not submerged

Clean (carefully) with soap and water, toy cleaner, etc; sterilise with 10% bleach solution

Compatible with water-based lubricant, but silicone-based lubricant is not advisable

Price point: £60 – £70 approx

Tl;dr: not for power lovers, but perfect for those who like very soft, non-rigid sensations.

My love affair with the Yuki began many months before I actually owned it. While poking around the branch of Simply Pleasure in Soho (which I often do in order to entertain myself) I came across the three toys from the Iroha by Tenga line (picture below graciously provided by Tenga) and squished them.


Instant infatuation. They are just so squishy. I love touching them so much, if they were people, it’d be creepy. Thankfully they are inanimate objects and I can squish them as much as I like without any of that “but I need to go to work” or “let me sleep” nonsense. Everytime I was in Soho for the next few months, I would go visit my new loves and squish them a bit.


I thought I would never own them. This was the point where I couldn’t come from vibrations on my clit, and so I thought that dropping £60 on a clitoral vibrator was pointless. Regardless, I loved them, I loved them, I loved them. I would go to the Simply Pleasure shop, go straight for the Iroha toys, fondle them for a few minutes, and leave without looking at anything else in the shop. The employees probably thought I was mad. Sakura (the pink one) was my favourite because it’s the squishiest, with the pincer-type thing at the end having no solid base to it.

I ended up owning Yuki because both Yuki and Midori (my least favourite because the nub at the end is relatively non-squishy) went on sale at Lovehoney and Sakura didn’t. At first I was heartbroken, but then I realised that Yuki was still pretty damn squishy and now was my chance. It was still £40, which is a lot of money for a vibe that wouldn’t make me come, but I needed to own this vibrator. It was entirely necessary for my continuing happiness.

When it arrived I could not suppress my excitement, and retired to my bedroom for a sneaky wank which I assumed would be just pleasant sensation without orgasm. I was wrong. Probably because it is just so soft, using small circling motions around my clit with the head of the Yuki brought me to orgasm without moving past its first setting. This was incredible for me. This was only the second time in my life that I had achieved orgasm without using my fingers (the other time was with the Lelo Ella used in conjunction with my now-ancient Lelo Elise, and it was a one off), and it was…easy.

This turned out to not be a fluke, and the Yuki is the first toy I’ve ever tried that can reliably bring me to orgasm without getting my hands dirty, so to speak. Therefore, I adore it.

However, I cannot ignore its flaws. It isn’t fully waterproof, which gives me the heebie jeebies everytime I go to wash it. Yes, it is splashproof, but I can’t help feeling that for the best part of £100 it would have been worth extending the silicone skin over the control panel and making it fully waterproof. In use, yes I love it! But the two buttons are identical which means it’s sometimes hard to tell which is which. In the middle of a jack off session, trying to work out which button is up and which is down is not desirable. I wish the buttons were differentiated in shape in some way. I’ve used it enough now that I’ve learnt how it works, but there is that learning curve.

If you love patterns, this vibrator is also not for you, as it only has one, a generic pulse. And though the strength is perfect for hypersensitive me, it won’t work for power queens. Although the most powerful level is probably sufficient to get most people off, if you like vibrators to be struggling to escape from your hand and vibrating lube off themselves, you won’t like the Yuki.

Other reviewers have reported poor build quality and nasty smells, but mine is holding up well to regular use and washing, and has no noticeable scent. I should also note that Tenga claim that the nub on Yuki can be used for insertion, but no. This is a lie. I mean, technically you can put it inside yourself, but why would you? The first few inches of the vagina are the most sensitive blah blah, but this is so tiny that it’s no more than a tease. Get a proper dildo.

The Yuki doesn’t come with a storage bag, but it does come with a clear Perspex case, as shown in the picture, that doubles as a charging bay which can work off a USB port or mains electricity. This is in no way discreet, but it is a pretty snazzy charging method. I live in a house where I can leave my toys casually lying around, so I get to coo at my charging box going “it’s so sleek!”, but if you need to hide your toys this may give you pause. It’s also fairly bulky; worth noting if you have loads of toys and are running out of room in your toy box (I may have personal experience in this).

I very much enjoy the Yuki. It is my favourite clitoral vibrator because, in its ultimate squishiness, it is the only one that can consistently get me off. If you’re like me and thought clitoral vibes were a write-off, looking around and seeing if you can find the Yuki on sale will be a valuable exercise. And if you have sixty spare pounds lying around that you wanted to spend on a high quality clitoral vibrator made of a unique material, I would also suggest the Yuki. However, if you’re on a budget and love lots of power, I don’t think Yuki would be right for you.

Tenga normally make toys for penises, with Iroha being their first line for vulvas. I think it’s a great first offering and I’m excited to see more. And I’m still counting my pennies and eyeing the Sakura.